As you travel to your new home, you may wonder if you can use your car to move your belongings. It is unlikely that you will be able to fit larger pieces of furniture in your car, but you may be able to fit many of your possessions into your car and save on moving expenses, if you are able to pack efficiently.

Avoid Using Boxes

Try to place belongings in bags whenever possible. Boxes tend to take up more space and are more difficult to work with in a car. Boxes are only useful when transporting things that would otherwise be impractical to bag, such as books. Vacuum storage bags are a better option because they can shrink your belongings and allow for you to fit more in your car. However, avoid storing pillows in a vacuum bag because you may flatten them permanently.

Leave Furniture Behind

You may be able to move some furniture that disassembles. For example, your bed frame may fit somewhere in your car. But it is more likely that you will need to eliminate much of your furniture. If you do not want to eliminate your furniture, the best option is to hire a moving company, like Modern Movers, Inc., to handle your furniture. You will still save money if you transport some of your belongings in your car since you will only be paying the moving company for the transportation of your furniture.

Place Anything You Will Need Within Reach

If there is anything that you will need during the trip, such as an iPod car charger, place this in the car last, in a location where it is easily reached. Then, when you need to grab any of these belongings, you will not need to search through your car for them.

Keep Safety In Mind

Keep safety in mind when packing. Make sure that nothing you pack obstructs your view so you can safely navigate. Also, make sure that nothing will fall on you or obstruct your arms as you steer.

Eliminate Possessions

One approach to moving is to sell and donate as many of your belongings as possible. Depending on what you own, it may be more cost-effective to simply purchase new belongings once you reach  your new destination. However, if you own anything of value, it is likely better to hire a local moving company to transport your belongings for you.