Moving long distance is a great deal more stressful than moving within the same state or city that you are currently living in. For this reason, moving long distance should be carefully planned for. Consider these four tips for a low-stress, long-distance move:

  1. Donate: Everything in your home that you don't need should be donated or thrown away. This will reduce the amount of stuff you will be moving long distance. Not only will this save you money when you hire long-distance movers since you won't need as large of a truck or as much labor help moving boxes, but it will also help you settle into your new home with only items that you truly need and love.
  2. Pack Suitcases for Yourself: Since you will be driving separately from the rest of your stuff because the long distance movers will be driving the moving truck for you, you want to pack a suitcase of belongings that you will need during the trip, as well as when you arrive at your new home. This is because you will most likely arrive at your new home before the movers do. In order to make this easier, your suitcase should have all your essentials in it, such as a few outfits, cleaning supplies for the new house, toiletries, and more. 
  3. Notify Billing Companies: The first thing you want to do is notify all your billing companies. This way, they will have your new address on file, which is important for sending you important documents and bills. This will also discontinue all mail being sent to your old address that you don't want to get into the wrong hands. You should also cancel your cable service, as well as your gas and electric since you will need to set it up new again at the new home. Besides, you don't want to pay for services that you are not using during your long-distance move.
  4. Check If Move Is Tax Deductible: Most likely, if you are moving because of a job change, your long distance move is going to be tax deductible. This can reduce some of the stress that is put on you when paying for services performed by your long-distance movers and more.

When you consider these four tips, your long-distance move can be as unstressful as possible, which is good for you and your family. 

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