If you're planning to move on a Saturday, as is often the case for people, it's important to circle not only that date on the calendar, but also the last Saturday before the move. While you'll hopefully be well into the packing process by this point and have already hired the moving service that will show up bright and early to help you on moving day, you can spend at least part of the day a week before the move getting things done that will make moving day easier. Here are some tasks that you should plan for the previous Saturday.

Invite Your Helpers Over To Help Themselves

By a week before the move, you should already have assembled a group of family members and friends that will help you on moving day. Since the moving day itself will be busy, invite all these helpers over bright and early on the Saturday before the move to go through your home and select anything that they'd like out of the things you do not plan to move. In the previous days, place stickers on all the items that you wish to get rid of before moving day; your helpers can them browse through these items and take some home as a way of you preemptively saying thanks for the help. This process will help you, too, as you'll have fewer items to deal with.

Hold A Garage Sale

Saturdays are perfect for garage sales, but you don't want to try to sell any unneeded items on moving day. Instead, plan to have a garage sale the Saturday before your move. This will help you get rid of many of the items that you don't wish to move — and end up with some money in your pocket for the effort. Additionally, you'll have time either later in the day or a day later to cart any items that didn't sell to the local waste management facility.

Repair Any Damage To The Home

The last thing you want to do on moving day is fix any damage to your home, but it's poor etiquette to leave these issues for the next owner. On the Saturday before the move, spend some time going around and filling nail holes in the walls, mudding chips in the drywall and touching up areas that need a little paint. You can easily manage this task while your spouse looks after the garage sale, for example. Getting these things done a week before the move means that you'll be able to focus exclusively on the move itself in the coming days.

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