If you have to relocate across the country soon for a new job or for school, here are four ways that you can reduce the overall cost of a cross country move.

#1 Try To Schedule Your Move During Off-Peak Times

If you have control over the time of year when you make your move, try to schedule it during an off-peak moving time. One of the busiest and thus most expensive times of year to move is during the summer time. If you can, try to schedule your move for late fall or winter time, when movers tend to not be as busy and thus are more willing to make deals with you concerning the cost of moving labor, trucks and shipping. You may be able to save significantly on your move by just moving at the right time of the year.

#2 Take The Time To Go Through & Reduce Your Belongings

Next, you can greatly reduce the cost of your cross-country move by cutting down on the number of belongings that you take with you. In the month before your move, work your way through each room of your house, and make a conscious decision to either keep or get rid of every item in that room. Don't forget about the furniture; really consider the cost of shipping that sectional you have had for ten years across the country. If you don't like your furniture any more, it can often be worth it to sell it and reduce the amount of shipping and moving truck space that you need.

For anything that you don't want to take with you, make sure that you add time into your schedule for you to either donate the items or sell them before your move.

#3 Share The Cost

A bit of an usual option is to share the cost of the move with someone else. If you know of someone else who is also moving when you are, you may be able to rent a big moving truck together to reduce the cost that you both have to pay for your move. Reach out to friends, family and via online message boards to see if there is anyone who is willing to go in for a bigger moving vehicle with you and split the cost so you can both save money on a move.

#4 Used Recycle Boxes & Packaging Material

Buying brand new boxes for your move as well as packaging material can really add up fast. Stop by local stores and restaurants and see if you can arrange to take their boxes at the end of the day. Save up newspapers and ask your friends to do the same for packing filling material. You can also use your clothes and towels to wrap up items in boxes.

#5 Pack Everything On Your Own

Finally, another way to really cut costs is by packing up everything that you can on your own. Paying a moving company to pack up all of your belongings can become really expensive. Try to pack up your entire house on your own if you can. Just use your moving company to help you package heavy furniture items so that they don't get damaged in the move.

You can cut the overall cost of your cross country move down by implementing one or all of the tips above. For more information, contact a company like Quality Movers.