Self storage units can be a great solution for items that would have otherwise been left out in the cold, such as in a garage, where the opening and closing of the door would lead to frequent intakes of cold air. Getting a storage unit for outdoor furniture and knick knacks is also a good idea during the winter months. You'll want to make sure that all of your items are safe through the harshest parts of the season and that you can still access everything easily, which can be a challenge unless you opt for a temperature controlled storage unit. Here are some things to consider. 

Bring a Bag of Sand or Salt

If the entrance of your storage unit is outdoors, it's helpful to have a bag of sand or salt with you. The area around the door can get slick, so the sand or salt will help to provide traction. 

Wrap Each Box

You may want to wrap each box individually with tape. This can prevent any bugs from getting into your boxes and then freezing and dying when the temperatures get lower. 

Make Sure it's All on Pallets

Keeping everything on pallets is a great tip for maintaining easy access during the winter. When it's cold and you want to get to a specific item quickly, you can simply roll the unwanted boxes out of your way. Keeping everything off of the floor is also important because if melted snow or ice gets under your door, it could potentially damage boxes that are left on the floor of your unit. 

Prepare for Temperature Changes

If the temperatures get below freezing in your area, you'll need to make some special considerations when storing certain items. Look carefully at the labels of your liquids. Things like cleaning solutions and varnishes may specifically state that they shouldn't be allowed to freeze. If you have items that should be kept at room temperature, consider getting climate controlled storage units. Temperature insulated boxes can also be useful. Glass materials should also be padded and wrapped to insulate them from winter temperature changes. 

In short, storing your items during the winter is a bit tricky since you can't always predict how the items will react to the winter climate. However, by using these tips to keep your items safe, you can avoid having any issues with keeping your belongings safe during the winter season. For more information, contact companies like American Storage.