Between the wood, the stuffing and the fabric, upholstered chairs are not the most durable item to be placing in storage. However, they can be kept in good shape as long as you're careful to store them properly. Follow these dos and don'ts to ensure your wooden upholstered chairs emerge from the storage unit in tip-top shape.

Do: Wrap up the legs.

To keep insects of rodents from chewing on the legs of your wooden chairs, take some thick material (like canvas or felt) and wrap it around the bottoms of the legs of the chairs. Secure it with rubber bands. Do not use tape, as it may leave marks when you peel it off later.

Don't: Spray any perfume or fabric freshener on the fabric.

You may assume this would help prevent odors from developing in the upholstery over the coming months, but it will actually make matters worse. Some of these products contain oils and other ingredients that may discolor the fabric over time. If you're worried about odors, sprinkle a little baking soda over the upholstery. It will absorb moisture and odors, and when you remove the chairs from storage, you can just vacuum it up.

Do: Drape the chairs in breathable cloth.

Take some plain linen material or a cotton sheet, and drape it over the chairs. Do not cover the chairs in plastic, as this will just trap any moisture that's in the air inside, perpetuating mold growth. The linen is enough to keep dust and other debris from accumulating on the chairs.

Don't: Try to save money by choosing a non climate-controlled unit.

A non climate-controlled unit may be cheaper, but your furniture probably won't be in good shape when you pull it out. Even if the temperatures in your area are rather consistent, a non climate-controlled unit will experience changes in humidity. This can cause the finish on your wood to bubble or start fading, and it may also cause the fabric to mold or develop water stains. Pay a bit more for a climate-controlled unit, and you'll save in the long run since you won't have to replace your chairs.

Do:  Vacuum the upholstery before putting it in storage.

The longer dust sits in your upholstery, the deeper it will work itself. If that dust contains items like pet dander and mold spores, it may eventually lead to foul odors. So, use your vacuum cleaner's wand attachment to thoroughly vacuum the upholstery before you put the chair in storage.

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