Hiring local movers, like those at Affordable Transfer Co Inc., to move your furniture items and boxed belongings is one of the best ways to make sure that your most beloved things make it to your new home both quickly and safely. You also need to do your part to make sure that you box things up the right way. If you prepare in advance, then you can be sure that even your precious porcelain dishes make the trip unscathed. Keep reading to learn about a few important items you will need to pack the dishes.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an absolute necessity when it comes to packing dishes, but you do not want to just buy the general wrap. Opt for the heavy duty bubble wrap instead. This type of product is made with bubbles that do not pop easily. This means your dishes will remain intact if you accidentally drop one after it is wrapped or if the box containing your dishes is dropped. Also, make sure that the wrap you purchase is made out of bubbles that are one inch wide and about five-sixteenths of an inch thick. This type of wrap will offer a bit more protection than more common varieties with bubbles that are three-eighths of an inch wide and three-sixteenths of an inch thick.

Once you purchase the wrap, make sure to place a layer of the material so the bubbles face inward. This layer should sit directly against the dish. Add a second layer so the bubbles sit outward. The inside layer will protect the dishes from damage and the exterior one will absorb shock if the item is dropped. Make sure to secure layers of the bubble wrap with packing tape so seams are as tight and strong as possible. 


Dishes are considered heavy items that cannot simply be placed in regular boxes. The weight of the dishes may cause the underside of the box to unfold. This type of problem can be avoided if you choose to purchase boxes that are solid across the bottom edge. Telescope boxes are solid on the bottom and they have removable tops for easy packing and unpacking. Folder boxes that fold up along the edges and bliss boxes that have glued sides may work well too.

After you find boxes with solid bottoms, make sure they are corrugated varieties. Corrugated boxes are products that have thick sides with paper flutes that line the edges. These boxes are stronger and more tear resistant than regular cardboard boxes. Look for boxes with the most paper flutes, since these products will be the strongest.