If you own a lot of tools and equipment for maintaining your home and property, you may feel like they're taking over all your extra space, even if you're able to keep everything organized. The solution is to rent a self-storage unit to house the things you don't use on a frequent basis. That way you can indulge your love of tools and still have a garage that is free from clutter. Here are a few tips for storing your lawn and garden supplies in a rented storage unit.

Use Large Garbage Cans For Storage

One way to keep all your tools organized and easy to reach is to place them in a large garbage can. You can stand your rakes, shovels, and long-handled loppers inside the can so they take up little space and are handy to grab when you need them. Garbage cans are great for storing all kinds of items with odd shapes such as chainsaws or landscaping borders. The cans keep your belongings organized, and you can see what is in them at a glance. They are much better for storing yard equipment than boxes you stack on shelves unless you have the original boxes for your equipment.

Clean Equipment Before Storing

Nothing is worse than opening your storage unit in the spring and finding dried dirt and clods of weeds stuck to your rakes and mower blades. Before you store your equipment for the last time in the fall, service and clean it so it is ready to go in the spring. After washing your tools and mowers, be sure they are thoroughly dry before you put them in storage. Drain the gas from mowers, leaf blowers, tillers, and other lawn equipment. You won't be allowed to store gasoline in your storage unit, even if it is inside a mower. That's also a good time to perform other maintenance tasks such as sharpening blades and changing spark plugs.

Keep Items Off The Floor

One thing that might be a concern in a rental unit is flooding if there is a major water leak on the property or if there is a freak storm that drops an excessive amount of rain. While chances of your unit flooding are low, it's better to protect your belongings so you won't have to worry about it. To do that, you can place pallets on the floor of your unit. Then you can use shelves and garbage cans to hold smaller things, so nothing has to touch the floor. If you're concerned about large equipment such as lawn mowers and tillers, you can place a waterproof tarp down before you put the equipment inside and draw the tarp up over the equipment. By keeping your belongings covered with a tarp, you can also protect them from bugs and dust.

If you want added protection for all your belongings, you can rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Then your tools and equipment will be kept in a humidity and temperature controlled environment. Whether you choose climate control or not, a storage unit, like those at Carolina Self Storage, will at least keep your things out of the elements so they won't degrade from exposure to rain, snow, or UV rays. Your equipment will last longer when it is protected, and, when all your lawn and garden supplies are stored in a rental unit, your garage can stay neat and tidy.